Miss Hercules Candidates 2015

The Miss Hercules candidates came by the studio recently. They brought with them a joy and excitement for the Pageant as well as an excitement for the days work ahead of us. It was a good day. We all had to put up with the heat of the day, but it didn’t dampen spirits.

We had about twenty people in my small studio on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.  My new AC unit got a workout that day! It really was quite an experience, me, one assistant, one producer, eleven girls and a parent for each model! Whew! We did it! It was fun. Thanks girls!

To see more of the contestants go to the Ms Hercules website. http://www.misshercules.org



When my mother said she would hang this on her living room wall I was honored and proud to have made it onto that place of honor.

The Powder Keg
The Powder Keg

Just to the right, over there…the studio.

Alone on the Old Bridge, Eastern Span SF Bay Bridge

Mirror Mirror on the floor
Mirror Mirror on the floor

On my 50th birthday I was on Kauai, I thanked the Lord for allowing me to spend so much time on this earth, I also thanked him for the beauty that I was witnessing on a beach all alone for a moment, doing what I enjoy doing most. Life is good!

SF Rainbow

San Francisco rainbow


San Francisco’s Willie Brown bridge

Chet, that you? No, it’s Rob Michael

Sometimes strobes misfire. Sometimes this can cause great things to happen. The background light and a little spill from an overhead window provided all the ambient light needed to give this shot a wine cave feeling.

Makin it up
Girls gotta do…

HDR in a very funky place makes funky way cooler than it was!Copyright--5

Chapkis Dance 2014

Chapkis Dance 2014

Chapkis Dance 2014
Chapkis Dance 2014
Rob Michael

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