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The City of Hercules has a unique history which has transformed the city from a small company town to a bustling and thriving community. In the late 1800’s the Industrial Revolution changed the face of business throughout the country. The California Powder Works company was a part of this revolution and played a key role in the formation of the city now known as Hercules.


California Powder Works plants made black powder; an explosive substance used mostly in guns. Their first plant opened near Santa Cruz, California in 1861 and they opened a second plant near Golden Gate Park in 1869. With the growing population of San Francisco and the explosive nature of their product, the company was forced to find a more rural location.


In 1879, that location was found and the history of Hercules begins. The Hercules plant opened in 1881 and began producing dynamite. In 1913, the workers from the Santa Cruz plant were relocated and the plant added black powder to its production schedule.

Herc Hist Pics--2

The California Powder Works was acquired by the Du Pont Corporation in the 1880s but was forced to sell off some of their companies due to the Sherman Anti Trust Act. In 1912, as a part of the break up, the Hercules Powder Company was incorporated. Despite the name Hercules Powder Company, the company had over thirty locations including one in Canada and England.

The Powder Keg
The Powder Keg

Today, Very near the same plant location a new Company has been born. Hercules Portrait Company. Over twenty years experience drives us to make the best images while making it an enjoyable experience for the client. Call Rich at 415-254-8245 for an estimate or to schedule an appointment. We specialize in video, headshots, portraits, events,  HDR,  Every shot counts.


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